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White wine

Variety: Roditis 100%
Roditis is an indigenous grape variety of Greece.

Origin: Vineyard Mycenae
Appellation by Tradition, Greece

Winemaking: Hand-picked and hand-sorted, skin contact fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a constant low temperature together with pine resin that we collected from our own organic trees.
– Organic certified according to European Organic Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 –

Tasting notes: Lemon coloured with green-golden highlights, a herbal nose with the characteristic aromas of the pine resin such as rosemary well balanced with notes of citrus fruits. Rich and full body wine with a refreshing acidity.

Food Pairing: Roasted lamb marinated with rosemary, grilled seabass and sea bream.

Label: The cones of the pine tree, which symbolically represent the union of the grape with the pine resin.

Bottle content: 750ml

Alcohol in %: 12.5


2022 Double Gold, Gilbert & Gaillard Challenge

2020 SilverAWC Vienna


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